Beyonce Caught in Video Game Lawsuit

Beyonce Knowles, our favorite R&B diva may be appearing in court very soon. The singer is facing a lawsuit from video game company Gate Five, which claims that Knowles jumped ship from her involvement in a motion-sensing dance video game called Starpower: Beyonce back in 2010.

The company originally presented the video game idea to the likes of Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas, but ultimately decided to sign with Knowles. The video game company is suing her for damages that could amount in hundreds of millions of dollars, the profits that Gate Five would have received if the game had come to fruition.

On Thursday, The New York State Supreme Appellate court affirmed a lower’s court judgement last April that denied Beyonce a summary judgement. Now, the courts are waiting for evidence to see whether or not Beyonce breached the contract by abandoning the deal.