Watch: Nicey Gets a Pep Talk on ‘Being Mary Jane’

Season four of BET’s hit drama Being Mary Jane is well-underway and it hasn’t disappointed yet. While Mary Jane Paul relocated from Atlanta to New York, the fresh start she sought is hampered by drama.

Though her love life seems to be going smoothly, thanks to her British boo Lee, at work, an old rival reappears just when MJ is trying to make moves at Great Day. Back in Atlanta, Nicey is struggling to cope with the fallout from being a victim of police brutality, and Mary Jane feels guilty she’s not there for her family. Add to that a huge helping of home sickness, and Mary Jane is struggling to make it in the Big Apple.

On tonight’s episode, however, Mary Jane has to put her own issues aside to help Nicey feel whole and she delivers one hell of a pep talk.

Take a look.

Being Mary Jane airs Tuesday nights at 10pm EST on BET