Michael Ealy Signs on for ‘Being Mary Jane’

Last week, BET dropped a very brief trailer of Being Mary Jane, which left us with many questions.

What we know is that Mary Jane is stepping into a new city with a new attitude…but is there a new love interest at the end of her pearly smile?

As tidbits begin to spill about the production, it was recently announced that the gorgeous Michael Ealy has signed on for season four!

Details for his character are still under wraps but what we do know is that after turning down offers from various networks, he agreed to Being Mary Jane after Gabrielle Union, a close friend, asked him directly.

“At the end of the day, I felt like we all have a social responsibility to help elevate material with people of color in any way that we can,” he said in a statement to Deadline. “If there was an opportunity for me to help my friend and the cultural perceptions of our work, then I would do my part.”

We already know this is going to be another sizzling season!

Being Mary Jane returns in January.