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BBWLA: Old School, Old Rules

Last night, I watched Basketball Wives LA (BBWLA). I think I lost two brain cells and shed one tear. Either this season’s producers are particularly manipulative, or these ladies really hate themselves.

On the most recent episode, we see the evolution of a “feud” between Jackie Christie and her daughter, Chantel, against Draya Michele. Here’s a little backstory: While Draya and her baller beau were on a break, he “kicked it with” Chantel. Jackie felt it was necessary to disclose this information to Draya in front of several frenemies. Now, instead of dealing with the guy’s infidelity, all the ladies can focus on is exchanging insults on everything from looks to class.

Why do women hate women so much?

Instead of arguing about who’s prettier or has the right-sized behind, the ladies should be in cahoots, double checking timelines and the authenticity of the guy’s story to ensure that neither of them gets played. But, of course, that can’t happen. It’s way more interesting to watch the beauties lob profanities. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong lesson.

It’s natural for a person to be protective of her significant other, especially when she wants to settle down. But infidelity has nothing to do with your beauty, skills in the bedroom or what you whip up in the kitchen. It’s merely a reflection of a person’s decision to honor their word — even in the face of unhappiness (read: tough times in a relationship) or a fat behind (read: tough times on any given evening).

While each lady is to blame for her behavior, I do place an extra bit of responsibility on Jackie Christie. She’s the self-proclaimed leader of the old school of classy basketball wives, yet she baited her daughter and Draya into thinking with their backsides and not their brains. There will always be someone with a prettier face and firmer behind.

As women, we cannot judge ourselves by that – though this is not a pass to be sloppy. Instead, we have to focus on being treated with respect and treating others with respect. What a man does for you, he will do to you.

As leaders of the new school, let’s make up some new rules about relationships and womanhood.