Baltimore Rapper Fatally Shot After Peace Rally

Tyriece Travon Watson had a heart for community. Popularly known as Lor Scoota, an emerging rap artist from Baltimore, the 23-year-old was sadly the target of a fatal shooting, Saturday evening.

Watson was leaving a peace rally in Northeast Baltimore when he was targeted at a busy intersection. According to police, Watson was driving east when a man wearing a white bandanna stepped into the street and shot him.

Prior to the fatal shooting, Watson sat on a youth panel, co-hosted by city councilman, Nick Mosby, who tweeted “RIP”, after learning about his passing.

T.J. Smith, chief spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department, stated that Watson’s death after the peace rally had an “eerie irony”.

“A lot of young people knew him and looked up to him, and whatever he was doing in the past, it appears he was doing some things to change his life and use those experiences to help empower other young people,” Smith told the Baltimore Sun.

As a rapper, Watson made noise with singles, “Bird Flu”, “Snapchat” and a remix of Desiigner’s summer banger, “Panda.” His talents as a lyricist gained support from Philly rapper Meek Mill and Compton-rapper The Game.

His contributions and dedication to helping his city, hit people hard.

“It hurt the whole Baltimore rap community,” Tavon Taylor, a fellow rapper in the city’s underground music scene, expressed. “We’re all involved with each other. It’s like a secret society.”

“He was one of the voices of the city. A young kid from a rough background who rose from the concrete but didn’t get to quite blossom all the way,” said Darrell Carter, who co-owns a music studio.

An investigation is in development. As of now, a suspect has not been identified.

*Photo: Instagram