What?! Azealia Banks’ Witchcraft New Year Ritual

Azealia Banks proves that celebs are just like us….kinda.

Many of us are taking the last few days of the year to relax, clean up and prepare for the New Year. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up with a clean slate on January 1?

We want to wipe out the blood, sweat and tears we’ve shed in 2016 and start fresh. Well, the rapper took this idea to heart, literally. Azealia, who’s made a side career out of  controversial antics,  took to Instagram to share her cleaning process on Instagram stories. Now, this may seem like no big deal. But, it’s what she’s cleaning that added a fascinating layer.

Watch the video below but we have to warn you, it’s not for the faint at heart. Or if you had hot wings for dinner last night.

Brujería is the Spanish-language word for “witchcraft”, a practice that the artist has associated herself with for years. We’re not going to make any speculations on how often that closet gets cleaned but for now, we’re glad it’s being handled.

This is proof that just because Azealia got banned from Twitter doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of her, obviously. Here’s to wishing you a day full of chicken free mess.