Azealia Banks, Russell Crowe & a Party Gone Wrong

Racial slurs. Volatile threats. And being tossed out of a Beverly Hills hotel suite? That seems to be only the minimal information released as it pertains to the scuffle between rap artist Azealia Banks and actor Russell Crowe, over the weekend.

Yeah, we know, the names don’t seem like they would be rolling with the same crowd, but in “Hollyweird” crowds mix all the time and there’s ample opportunity to wind up at so-and-so’s penthouse suite gathering.

In Azaelia’s case, partying with Crowe came as a result of her new business deal with Wu Tang member-and film producer RZA. Banks recently signed a music deal with the artist and is also slated to star in a film he’s directing and he invited her to Crowe’s Beverly Hills Hotel party.

And this is where the alleged verbal attacks happened. Banks filed a battery report against the actor claiming – in a now deleted Facebook post — that he choked her, spat on her, and used a racial epithet. She also advised followers to “stay tuned” because “[she has] receipts.”

However, there are accounts that claim the situation escalated following Banks’ “erratic” behavior during the dinner party. Statements say that the rapper made comments about Crowe’s music selection and insulted other attendees by calling them “boring white men.” After another attendee told her to be quiet, Banks reportedly threatened Crowe and the woman with a glass.

The exchange then led to Crowe restraining her and taking her out of the hotel suite and escorted her off the premises.

As of today, Crowe’s camp has not addressed the incident. RZA, also hasn’t made any public statements regarding the situation.

Once Twitter got wind of the news, the memes and questioning of Azealia’s account came into play. A few reactions below: