Twitter’s Beef with Ayesha Curry Resurfaces

Twitter is quite an interesting space. In its own mixed-emotion twitterverse, one can be praised for sharing their thoughts and then be made a villain with just the thought of them “shading” another person.

If nothing more, it’s amusing and ridiculous in the same breath of an “ha ha”.

Nevertheless, we can’t help but see the latest trending topic. And JET fam, Ayesha Curry has made it once again.

Grant it, Twitter’s beef with Lady Curry is more than a day late and a dollar short but due to the sorta kinda newly released nude pic of Kim Kardashian circulating the Interwebs earlier this week, a series of throwback tweets from Curry have risen to the top of conversation.

To briefly jog your memory, in December, Ayesha tweeted about modest dressed women and her decision to keep her desirables specifically for her hubby.

Somehow Ayesha’s opinions were connected to Kim’s nude and just like that…the social drama followed.

You’d think, ok cool, that works for you, no harm no foul, right? Haha…it clearly doesn’t happen like that. Some folks took offense to the opinions of Steph Curry’s personal cheerleader.

Amid the common #RelationshipGoals that accompany pictures of Ayesha and Stephen Curry, social media made a way to turn her words into venom toward others.

Ladies, do you. Respect your body the way that makes you feel good and be ‘ok’ with how you choose to handle the beauty of your womanhood.

The Ayesha vs. Kim K topics should reach its dead end soon. From what is shown in the public eye, these women appear to rock different lifestyles.

Let it be that.