Ayesha Curry Flips Script On Twitter Follower

From their hilarious dubsmash videos, to the cuteness of their baby girl Riley in addition Steph being a beast on the court and Ayesha’s whip work in the kitchen, the Curry’s have become America’s poster couple for #relationshipgoals.

As their popularity continues to skyrocket, so does their number of  social media trolls, fans and followers. Following the latest debacle which found Mrs. Curry applauded and criticized for comments she made about dressing modestly, the tweet drama has been on the low.

But, leave it to one follower (account now private) whose “life goal” is to have a threesome with the Currys to break Ayesha’s calm. No, she didn’t respond in a rude manner, nor did she fill her 140 characters with expletives. Instead, lady Curry simply flipped the scenario.

Peep the tweets below.

Tweets have no chill. Nicely handled, Ayesha.