Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY RELEASES Set Film Dates

Ava DuVernay keeps the vision and the grind going.

In September, the filmmaker announced the expansion of her distribution collective, ARRAY. Now, the dates have been set for ARRAY Releases next film launch.

Included in the November 13 launch is the Sara Blecher-directed, “Ayanda,” which made a great impression during the 36th Durban International Film Festival.

The story follows a vibrant 21-year-old “Afro-hipster” on a journey of understanding self and purpose. She fights to save her father’s legacy, which resides in an old motor repair shop. Conflict arise in the form of gender stereotypes and vintage cars that no one seems to care for anymore.

Joing Ayanda, is first-time director Takeshi Fukunaga’s Out Of My Hand.

Starring emerging actor Bishop Blay, the film travels from Liberia to New York to tell the story of a worker who longs to get away from his life on a Liberian rubber plantation. He moves to the “Big Apple” to embark on life as a taxi driver.

Ayanda and Out of My Hand are films that represent the breadth and width of diverse filmmaking,” Array’s Executive Director Tilane Jones told Shadow & Act. “A drama dissecting love in all forms directed by a South African woman, and a story of migration and masculinity directed by a Harlem-based Japanese man, both starring all-Black casts, prove to be a powerful duo.”

The screenings for both films can be found, here.