Netflix to Release Oprah & Ava DuVernay Chat

Ava DuVernay’s film, 13this one of the most important documentaries to hit screens in the last decade.

In piece documented in September, we described The 13th as: 

A documentary that chronicles the history of racial inequality in the United States and examines how our country has produced the highest rate of incarceration in the world, with the majority of those in prisons and jails being African American.

Ava’s project analyzes the 13th Amendment of the United States Constitution which abolished slavery and involuntary solitude. However, “criminals” were an exception to this rule. As heard and seen in the first official trailer for the film, the loophole in the amendment has been terribly abused.

View the trailer below:

The Netflix team has decided to bless our ears and eyes with an exclusive conversation between Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay. 13th: A Conversation With Oprah Winfrey & Ava DuVernay will be available to U.S. Netflix subscribers this Thursday, January 25th.

In the sit-down Winfrey speaks with DuVernay about her interest in mass incarceration, the filmmaking process, viewers thoughts about the film and much more.

“The truths revealed within 13TH are stunning, and a brilliant primer for a much needed global conversation,” Lisa Nishimura, Netflix’s Vice President of Original Documentaries, said in a statement. “The 13TH interview special was born from an organic post-screening discussion between two of the most influential and insightful women in media, Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey, who invite us to share in their personal feelings surrounding one of the most important issues of our time.”

Take a peek at the interview trailer below and add the conversation to your Netflix watchlist!