Here’s How Ava DuVernay Plans to Change Hollywood

Award-winning director Ava DuVernay is tired of just talking about Hollywood’s diversity problem.

Sure, she knows the Oscars were–and have always been–so White (we’ve talked about it before), but DuVernay is not letting it stop her from making films. In fact, the Selma director believes in not only making interesting and complex film and TV projects involving people of color, but she’s supported other creatives of color too.

Back in 2010, DuVernay, a former publicist, launched AFFRM–the African-American Film Releasing Movement–an independent distribution company committed to getting Black films in movie theaters. AFFRM has been renamed ARRAY, a movement to amplify the voices of women and people of color in an industry that often locks them out.

So far, ARRAY has released films like Better Mus Come, Echo Park, and Ayanda from across the Diaspora, and DuVernay and her ARRAY mavericks are hoping more movie fans join the cause to help them bring even more films to the people.

If you want to see and support actual chance in the film biz rather than just talk about what needs to be done, visit ARRAY and learn how you can support filmmakers.