Astro & Bishop Nehru: K.I.N.G.

For those yearning for the “return of hip-hop,” direct your attention to the latest release from teenagers Astro and Bishop Nehru.

From the message-layered visuals to the intricate lyricism, the fellas’ flow and execution of K.I.N.G. (Keeping Ignorant N—-s Glorified), speaks directly to the obsession America has with material and the lack of morale.

With Astro taking on the persona of Malcolm X and Bishop channeling a young Huey P., the young emcees embody a revolutionary approach and zoom in on modern day hip-hop, depicting it as “coons and thick thots” while pointing out that today’s rappers dismiss anything if a dollar sign isn’t involved.

Bishop raps, “We’ve been trained to trade in ourselves for cell phones and wealth.”

K.I.N.G is a refreshing dose of synced visuals and rhymes with some of the realest observations.

Allow this one to marinate.

(*Content NSFW)