Bring Em’ Out: Jay Z Quiets Art Accusations

UPDATE: Well. Visuals speak louder than words in this case.

A receipt marked with the number W98480 disclosing a very generous donation, has come to light in the case of Jay Z vs. Marina Abramović.

Upon receiving the facts and the big media whoopla surrounding the accusations, it turns out Marina Abramović’s team actually dropped the ball and failed to inform her of the completed agreement.

An apology from the Institute on behalf of the artist has since been issued to Jay Z.

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On Tuesday, Jay Z was accused of shady business by artist Marina Abramović.

The creative said Hov left her hanging when they collaborated to produce his “Picasso” video in 2013.

While Abramović didn’t go into details about how Jay Z “used” her during an interview with Spike Art Magazine, she did say that Hov was supposed to “help my institute. Which he didn’t.”

But a New York-based dealer is defending the “99 Problems” rapper, and says that he did in fact hold up to his end of the bargain.

Jeanne Greenberg-Rohatyn, who helped organize the video shoot that took place at the Pace Gallery, is Jay’s art adviser. She read a receipt from the Hudson, New York institute to artnet News this morning that said, “Thank you for your donation.”

The receipt is reportedly from the Marina Abramović Institute.