Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O’Connor Over Prince

People will soon learn that loose lips will cost you big time in this day of hyperactive social media commentary.

Know that nothing you post is safe and if it’s indirectly targeted at someone, especially a public figure, it will get to them some how.

Which brings us to the lawsuit that Arsenio Hall filed against singer Sinead O’Connor.

Amid reports of Prince’s cause of death, particularly the rumor that he died due to use of the painkiller opioid,  O’Connor took to her Facebook  account to point the finger at comedian and TV host Arsenio Hall.

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Welp, according to TMZ, now O’Connor is at the center of a defamation lawsuit brought forth by Hall who is suing for $5 million.

In the suit, Hall refers to the singer as a “desperate attention seeker” and denies providing the late iconic singer with drugs or ever drugging O’Connor.