Arika Bambaataa Speaks Against Allegations

Over the course of two weeks, allegations of sexual abuse have surfaced with hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa at the forefront.

A total of four men have come forward with claims that the Zulu Nation founder sexually molested them when they were boys running with his camp.

Their stories have made the Interweb rounds without a peep from Bambaataa.

Until now.

During a recent interview on “The Ed Lover Show,” Bambaataa denied the allegations and claimed this is happening to tarnish his reputation.

“You really need to ask the question, ‘Why now? And what is the hidden agenda behind this?,'” he asked. “Is it because I’m still relevant today trying to help people across the world?”

Ron Savage, the first man to come forward with claims of being abused, is a politician and former music executive. The 50-year-old detailed the alleged abuse in his memoir Impulse Urges and Fantasies.

A week later, Hassan Campbell, 39, a 50-year-old New York man who requested anonymity, and a 51-year old former New Yorker named Troy backed Savage’s allegations with stories of their own.

“There’s something big behind this,” Bambaataa stated in the interview.”It could be me today and you tomorrow.”

Since the news broke, Afrika Bambaataa has been in talks with his lawyer regarding possible plans to file a defamation lawsuit against his accusers.