Are All Of Our Favs Returning To ‘America’s Next Top Model’?

Tyra Banks delighted the world when she announced she would be returning as the host of VH1’s America’s Next Top Model, but that might not be the only thing she has under her sleeve.

After she threw the age limit for ANTM contestants out of the window, many fans wondered if she would be getting the old gang back together again. From the looks of it, ANTM fans might just get their wish.

One of ANTM‘s original judges, Mr. Jay Manuel got on Instagram and delighted the world by posing with our beloved Ms. J and noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. All three of the OG judges are grinning at something on a computer screen. Under the photo, Jay Manuel posted the caption, “#👀 Yup this happened…the family is back together! @miss_jalexander @nigelbarker @mrjaymanuel #CanYouGuess?”

If Tyra is looking to return her show to its former glory, getting everyone who made it an immense success back together would definitely be the right move. The forthcoming 24th cycle of America’s Top Model is already stirring up more buzz than the previous Rita Ora hosted cycle. Tyra also just recently warned viewers to beware of an ANTM casting scam.

The 43-year old took to Twitter to say, “There are scam artists out there saying they’re with #ANTM casting director and charging. Person w/ ‘slay’ in their handle is FAKE. “There is NO COST to audition for #ANTM at all,” she followed up. “The real and ONLY casting for #ANTM is @MichelleMockTV! She’s amazing. Has casted for us since #Cycle1. And is LEGIT.”

Are you excited to see the gang back together on ANTM? We certainly are.