Is Apple Hopping on the Tidal Wave?

Jay Z’s streaming service, Tidal has been causing a grand wave over the last few months.

With Bey’s Lemonade dropping and exclusive bars from Jay popping up on projects, those who rejected the thought of adding another music service to their devices have flipped the script just to get the content – if only for the 30-day trial.

The thing is, even when Tidal was doubted, the leaders of the ship had their moves plotted and execution – from the outside- has been definitely catching eyeballs. The platform also has a win with the abundance of editorial content provided.

Now, that folks are catching on and anticipating if Jay will drop a full project this summer, Apple has expressed interest in acquiring Tidal.

Right now, talk is circulating but nothing has been set in stone that even leads to thoughts of the Jigga man turning over the business entity. Terms of the actual deal haven’t been disclosed.

Jay bought the service in March 2015 for $56 million from Aspiro, a Swedish Company and gave 19 artists and bands small stakes in the company.

If Apple Music, which was initially based off of Dr. Dre’s Beats, and Tidal merge, it would definitely spark a moment in hip-hop that bridges the East and West coast.

Would the merge be a good move? Sound off in the comment section below!