‘Coming To America 2’ Is Actually Coming To Theaters

This is not a drill! Sexual Chocolate is about to make his 21st-century debut!

A few weeks ago, legendary comedian Eddie Murphy hopped on Twitter to ask one simple question. He wrote, “Coming to America sequel?” Though it was quickly deleted, that seemingly innocent tweet set off a firestorm on Twitter. Fans of the beloved classic seemed to fall into two categories, those who were here for a new film and those who were horrified by the idea. And now, it looks like Murphy wasn’t trolling us like we all assumed.

The Hollywood Reporter has officially confirmed that Coming to America 2 is actually on the books over at Paramount. Apparently, the studio which was also behind the 1988 original has just hired Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, the writers from the first film to write the film’s sequel.

Though we have no idea what Prince (King now maybe) Akeem and his wife Lisa McDowell, are up to 30 years later, we are super down to find out. Surely, Zamunda is going to look even more luxurious with some 21st-century updates. There are no deets about the film’s narrative yet, but folks are speculating that the film will focus on on the son of Akeem and Vanessa coming to the States to find his own bride.

There is no official word yet if Murphy will be returning, especially now that he is mourning the unexpected loss of his older brother, comedian Charlie Murphy. However, we all know there would be no Coming to America without Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley and the rest of the cast and crew. For her part, Vanessa Bell Calloway who appeared in the film as Imani Izzi, Prince Akeem’s betrothed has been vocal about being, “ready to go.”

Will you be in theaters to see Coming to America 2? Hopefully, the studio can fast track the film so that its premiere will coincide with the 30th anniversary of the original.