Antoine Dodson and “The Bed Intruder” to Box

What in the foolishness?

Before there was “Oh my Lord Jesus, it’s a fire!” There was…Antoine Dodson. The Alabama native who went viral with the phrase, “hide your kids, hide your wife” during an interview with the local news claiming an intruder broke into his home and tried to rape his sister.

With a catchy beat added under his vocals, the YouTube video caught social media attention, became a single on iTunes and Dodson booked television appearances.

So where was the alleged intruder through all of this? We didn’t know then but now, Rashaad Cooper, the self-described “intruder” claims he is ready to step in the boxing ring with Dodson.

Apparently, Cooper feels that “he [Dodson] profited off my life”, and after four years, feels the world should hear his side of the story to  (For the record: JET wishes both sides would go somewhere and hide.)

The “celebrity” boxing match was organized by Damon Feldman of World Xtreme Entertainment and promoter Alki David and will take place Sunday in Los Angeles on Internet pay-per-view.

For $9.95 viewers can watch. So. Yeah.  Enjoy that.