Anthony Mackie is Ready to Fly

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" features veteran stage and film actor Anthony Mackie in the role of the first African-American superhero.

Anthony Mackie is a hero. Yes, it could be because he stands for what he believes in (that’s his personal definition), but it’s also because he’s about to the hit the screen as Sam Wilson aka Falcon in Marvel Comics’ newest installation of action-packed entertainment, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

On a bright afternoon in Atlanta, Mackie and Nate Moore, senior VP of production and development for Marvel Studios and the movie’s co-producer, sit comfortably at the head of a table in the posh Buckhead Ritz-Carlton to discuss details of the sure to be box-office smash.

“Anthony was our first and only choice,” says Moore. “We knew who we wanted and what he was capable of doing for the film.”

In rebuttal, when asked about his motivation in bringing the first African-American superhero to life for the screen, Mackie replies: “All the best stuff was in the script. As a classically trained actor, I’ve been taught to focus on exactly what will make the role real and in a great script like this, it’s not much pretending that has to be done.”

We’ve come to love Mackie and the mix of boy-next-door charm and powerful passion that he’s brought us in films such as The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, The Hurt Locker, We Are Marshall and She Hate Me, and in donning his superhero costume, he’s undoubtedly prepared to give us brand new flavor.

“The filmmakers did a good job of making Falcon his own entity,” the actor shares. “I feel like when you look at him, there’s nothing unforgiving or cheap about him. He’s a standup guy. He’s morally sound and he works with Captain America and follows him through it all because he believes in him, in the American dream and what America stands for. Every time I put on the costume, I just wanted to go outside and smack some bad guy. It was like being a superhero for real.”

Mackie can’t help but be excited about the way this role will register on a larger scale.

“There was no pressure for me in playing this historic character, but there was promise in that when I see the bevy of little brown boys that dress up as the Falcon for Halloween, I’ll know that I’ve effectively done my job,” he says.

On April 4, the fruit of Marvel and Moore’s visionary labor and Mackie’s comic conviction will greet the anticipating public in the fourth incarnation of Captain America. Green screen action, choreographed fight and flight sequences, muscles and bit of spandex will surely give us our fix of life imitating art.

“I’ve never been afraid to fly,” Mackie concludes before departing. “In this role, I did and it was the best part.”

We agree. The movie is nothing short of out of this world.

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