Anthony Hamilton Announces New Album

Anthony Hamilton, along with the HamilTones, may have recently entertained us with soulful remixes of some of today’s hottest tunes, including Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been in the studio cooking up new music.

His next project, What I’m Feelin,’ is set to drop Mar. 25. The 12-track album will serve as the crooner’s fifth studio album.

“I reconnected with my longtime collaborator Mark, who produced my most career-defining records,” Hamilton told Billboard.

He continued, “Alongside engineer Bruce Irvine, we all decided to record in Nashville so we could really focus on creating a special sound. In Miami with Salaam and James, we came up with ‘Amen’. This album is a must have for R&B and soul lovers.”

Peep the complete list of songs below.

1. Save Me
2. Ain’t No Shame
3. What I’m Feelin’ feat. The HamilTones
4. Amen
5. I Want You
6. Never Letting Go
7. Grateful
8. Walk in My Shoes
9. Take You Home
10. Still
11. Ever Seen Heaven
12. Love Is an Angry Thing