Another Reason Rihanna is that Chick!

I rock with Rihanna. She exudes the persona of the rebel that I hold in on a daily basis – of course my inner-circle sees that side, but in the professional world…nah.

Her freeness appears to be effortless and raw – a true fun gal that doesn’t take herself too seriously and knows how to have a good time.

So, when she dropped the ratchet yet infectious #BHHMM, I’ll admit it – replayed 5x in a row. Haha. Then, she took it to the iHeart Awards…yasss!

But playing into her prankster and playful personality, the absolute best was her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, where she collaborated with Kimmel’s wife to perform #BBHMM – late night… in Jimmy’s bedroom. An April Fools’ joke that definitely caught him by surprise.

Get a RIHDose of the joke below!