Anna Deavere Smith: ‘Notes From The Field…’

Anna Deavere Smith’s performance work always comes with intrigue and grand artistry.

By taking a journalistic approach when delivering stories of real people, and weaving real-life situations from around the world into a one-woman show, Smith has earned grand recognition and adoration for her creativity.

Smith often tackles issues related to society, race and health, and her latest work is no different.

Notes From the Field: Doing Time in Education zones in on the systematic nature of African American and other minority groups in relation to the school-to-prison pipeline. It’s a system in which minority students “get in trouble in school for relatively minor offenses and are then funneled into the criminal justice system, changing their lives forever,” reports PBS NewsHour.

Smith, who interviewed and collected stories related to this narrative, includes the story of Freddie Gray in her film.

A Baltimore native, Smith was struck hard when she learned of his arrest and the unfortunate happenings that followed. In her performance, she interviews Kevin Moore, the bystander who caught the fatal incident on a cell phone camera and brings the story to life on stage.

The traveling theater performance will hit California and Oregon this fall and make its stop in Baltimore early December.

Get a glimpse of Smith’s work below and head over to PBS NewsHour for a full transcript.