Anita Baker Gave Us the Best She Had

Ms. Anita Baker had the world caught up in the rapture with her deep, jazzy vocals. For over 30 years, the Detroit-bred songstress delivered soothing tunes that danced with the ups and downs of love and earned her a Grammy – the highest accolade for music artists.

And after a sea of hits, tours and crowning moments in the singer’s spotlight, she’s stepping out of the booth and retiring from the industry.

She made the announcement via Twitter after rumors swarmed that she was cooking up another album.

To make her decision even more clear, she followed up by telling and showing fans exactly how she’ll be spending her time.

It’s only right that we toss it back to a few of her slows jams that will forever stick with our souls and could also work as a retirement playlist based off of vocalists’ song titles:

Giving You The Best That I Got

Caught Up In The Rapture

I Apologize

Been So Long

Body & Soul

*Photo: Twitter