Angie Stone Talks New Album, Daughter Drama

When Angie Stone delivers new music, the songs are vignettes of her life. Personal? Yes, but just as universal.

She’s a melodic storyteller using her gift to share and relate to the human flaws in us all.

With six albums to her name, beginning with her 1999 debut Black Diamond on through 2010’s Unexpected, Stone has found comfort in the studio once again as she preps for her seventh project, Dream.

The album, slated for a Nov. 6 release, brings together various components of the South Carolina-bred singer.

Fueling anticipation for the album, Angie released “2 Bad Habits,” which showcases her ability to combine true grit with a golden tone.

“Candace Nelson, who is an awesome songwriter, got up with me and put this together with me,” Stone tells JET. “I wanted people to know that ‘Yeah just because you’re a celebrity doesn’t mean that you have a perfect life.’ There’s a lot of imperfection in the world. Our problem is we’re not painfully honest with ourselves. We’re speaking everybody else’s language.”

This go around, Angie is brutally honest. Not just in music but in her life, as well.

For example, the former R&B Diva: Atlanta cast member doesn’t try to hide the fact that repairs were in order between she and her daughter, Diamond.

In early March, the Grammy Award-winning singer and her daughter got into an altercation which led to Stone being held in a county jail and charged with battery assault.

The mother-daughter duo later appeared on the Aug. 27th episode of the T.D. Jakes show in search of resolution.

Stone says the two are currently in a good space.

“I think my daughter has nothing but love for me. She’s an extension of me. That is the rebel that’s in me and sometimes that rebel fights with the person they admire the most. It’s called life and in life, we take our time and get to our destiny when God says we get there.”

But back to the artistry. Angie has learned to take the good with the bad and acknowledges that in life, things simply aren’t easy. In addition, acceptance of self goes a long way when setting out to accomplish amazing things.

“I think what people take from everything I do, is I tell stories that embody their life,” she speaks in a reflective tone. “It’s easy to tell those stories because it’s speaking our truth and when we speak and walk in our truth, we can’t help but be transparent.”

Angie Stone’s DREAM drops Nov. 6 on Shanachie Entertainment in collaboration with W. Millsap III’s Conjunction Entertainment Inc. and TopNotch Music.