Meet Andrea Kelly: A Closer Look at the ‘Hollywood Ex’

Andrea Kelly
Andrea Kelly

By// S. Tia Brown

On VH1’s hit reality show Hollywood Exes, Andrea is paving her own path and enjoying the single life. As the former wife of R&B singer R. Kelly she is moving forward with the simple mantra of pleasing herself. JET had the chance to chat with the boisterous Andrea and got a sneak peak as to what to expect from season two, and how balancing her dreams with reality keeps her grounded.

JET: What first interested you in Hollywood Exes?

Andrea Kelly: Girl… At first I hesitated the thought of participating, but after speaking with the show’s creators on the phone for hours upon hours, I knew this was something I needed to be a part of. But what really sealed the deal was when I found out my girl Nicole was on board.

JET: What did R. Kelly say about you doing the show?

AK: I really don’t know what he said and I honestly don’t care. This is a self journey that I’m on, and I can’t be concerned with what outside parties think is best for me. I’m just trying to get my groove back, and do me!

JET: What do your children think of the show?

AK: My babies are 14, 12 and 10 and they are honestly my biggest cheerleaders. It’s crazy, if you come over to my house these kids are singing the theme song, and even checking my email for VH1 updates. They want their mommy to be happy— and really they just like seeing me act crazy on TV.

JET: What should we expect in the second season of Hollywood Exes?

AK: Honey child expect more realness. In the first season you saw me wear my heart on my sleeve. Now, I want women to see our growth. We are sharing and putting it all out on the table. But also expect to see me living on the other side of fame. This season ya’ll get to see me get comfy in Los Angeles.

JET: Will we see you dating on the upcoming season?

AK: Maybe. I’m not too sure I want to share that side of my life with everyone again. I’m still trying to get this dating thing right. I shared Percy with the show, and that turned out horrible. If I find someone who can handle me, I’ll share him with you guys. It gets too messy.

JET: What’s next for you?

AK: I will be focusing all my time on my dance studio. Opening this studio has been a long time dream of mine. You’ll also get to see my transition from Chicago. I am also writing a book, titled Under the Red Carpet. This won’t be a tell all or a gossip book, but a book to empower woman. I want women to have the courage to choose themselves first. If I could leave R. Kelly with the entire world watching, why can’t you leave that dumb mister that is not positively benefiting you?