So This ‘American Idol’ Revival? How About No

American Idol might be coming back because apparently, Hollywood doesn’t want us to have nice things.

Everyone was thrilled when FOX decided that American Idol was over and canceled back in 2015. With so many competition shows, including NBC’s highly rated The Voice, we were all just bombarded and overloaded. Also, American Idol had become less about talent and more and more just like a major popularity contest. Apparently, ABC didn’t get the memo, and now the network (which already has all of the Shondaland shows so why are you doing this ABC?!) has decided to pick up FOX’s scraps.

Though there is no solid deal in place just yet, it looks like ABC was serious about seeing Idol shine again. Though Idol did give us the gems that are Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, and Kelly Clarkson, those were the good old days. As the seasons cycled on, the new talent seemed less original, the episodes were just longer and drawn out, and fewer Idol winners got their big break.

When asked about the revival back on 2016, former host Ryan Secrest told The Hollywood Reporter,

“I just don’t see a world where Idol doesn’t resurface. We look at formats. We try to create shows. It’s hard to believe that franchise doesn’t resurface in some capacity, in some form, soon.” If a rebooted Idol does, in fact, end up on ABC, we just hope it has some dope judges. After all, everyone remembers the hot mess that was Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj.

One thing is for sure; they’re going to need a new host. Ryan Secrest already has 75 jobs. Would you watch an American Idol reboot? We’re going to have to take a hard pass.