American Idol: Memorable Voices

American Idol created a space where stars were destined to shine.

From hard-hitting, powerful vocal chords to sweet southern style melodies, several aspiring musicians underwent the nerve-wrecking but extremely entertaining audition process, intense rehearsals and studio sessions all to provide stellar performances for millions.

Along the way, viewers became invested in the new voices and personalities. We rooted for the underdogs, and cried tears of joy and sadness, but most of all, the world was able to see talent get nurtured and groomed for stardom.

As the popular show gears up for tonight’s farewell broadcast, JET decided to travel down memory lane and highlight some of the artists who were able to spread their wings and further allow their voices to soar.

Season 1
Tamyra Gray – A House is Not A Home

Season 2
Ruben Studdard- Flying Without Wings

Season 3
Fantasia – Summertime

Season 3
Jennifer Hudson – I Have Nothing

Season 6
Jordin Sparks – Broken Wings

Season 7
Syesha Mercado – I Will Always Love You

And tonight, La’Porshe Renae competes for the Idol crown!

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