American Idol in Troubled Waters

American Idol launched the careers of vocal greats like Fantasia Barrino, Ruben Studdard, Jennifer Hudson and, most recently, La’Porsha Renae.

The show ran for 15 seasons, and reached its final production on April 7.

However, now that Idol has come to an end, there is still some unfinished business, which recently caused the producer of the show to file for bankruptcy protection.

From 2003 through 2011, American Idol raked in 20 million viewers from around the world and remained Fox’s top rated show for eight consecutive years, according to the Nielsen Media tracker.

Empire swept in and stole Idol’s thunder, causing ratings to drop. Once a ratings juggernaut, the final season’s finale only reached 13.3 million eyeballs.

According to CNN, producers filed for bankruptcy protection less than a month after the April 7th airing with the company behind the show, Core Media Group, stating,”It has not yet found a way to replace revenue earned from American Idol.”

The show was known for curating grand productions filled with elaborate lighting schemes, additional musicians, celebrity hair and make-up teams, and an atmosphere that presented each aspiring talent as a Hollywood star.