Oh My Gods: ‘American Gods’ Is Going To Blow Your Mind

Starz’s much-anticipated American Gods is going to be a feast to behold depicting a war of epic proportions brewing between the old Gods and the new.

It appears that the traditional Gods have immersed themselves with humans across the globe and they fear for their irrelevance as their once reverent followers turn to the new “sexier” Gods, money, technology, and celebrity.

Adapted from the award-winning 2001 novel by Neil Gaiman, American Gods follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), an ex-con who is left adrift by the recent death of his wife. After being released from prison, he becomes the bodyguard and traveling partner to conman Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). However, Mr. Wednesday is actually the powerful old deity, Odin who is on a cross-country mission to build an army and reclaim his lost glory.

Gaiman told The Telegraph UK, “It’s a big book about America, and about the things that people brought to America from all over the world, and especially the gods that they brought with them, and then abandoned. It is also a book about the new gods that were arising in America – the gods of telephone, of media, of the internet, of Wall Street.”

The trailer for the series boasts a gorgeously vibrant mystical bloodbath, and since it’s taken so long to get made, we can only assume that it’s going to live up to the hype. British actor Ricky Whittle who stands at the center of this story is no stranger to the small screen with his appearances on series like The 100 and Single Ladies, but American Gods is going to catapult him to a whole new level.

American Gods will debut on Starz on Sunday, April 30th at 9 PM ET.