Amber Rose Inks Wiz Khalifa’s Face on Arm

By//Jessica Paris

We all do crazy things when we’re in love and it looks like celebrities aren’t above going that extra mile to prove their love either.

Case in point: Amber Rose

The world knows that she and Wiz Khalifa are head-over-hills for one another, so much that they have a child together. And as if that wasn’t enough to let us know it’s real, Muva Rosebud went and got Wiz’s face tatted on her arm. Her Instagram followers were the first to see it yesterday when she posted this picture of the tattoo followed by a caption that read “True Love #Cam&Amb :-)”


Let’s just hope that Amber and Wiz remain as in love as they are now. That tattoo looks like it would be nearly impossible to cover should they ever split.

Do you think this was a smart move on Amber Rose’s part?