Exclusive: Amber Rose Talks Slutwalk

It is time to take a stand for women’s sexual liberation and Amber Rose is making it her duty to do just that with her second annual “SlutWalk”.

Sure, eyes may roll when they hear her name (due to the various headlines about her past relationships) or even the title of the growing event, but it is much more than skimpy clothes and fighting off every single catcall. The mission goes beyond “Amber Rose” to center on raising awareness about gender inequality and sexual justice.

While promoting “no more sexual violence, no more victim blaming, and no more derogatory labels,” Rose and her movement are all for uplifting, impacting and shifting the paradigm of rape culture.

Check out the exclusive clip below of Amber Rose, singer/activist Frenchie Davis, model Tori Brixx and tattoo artist Kat Tat discussing the Slutwalk and its mission.

Salute to anyone taking the time to help put an end to sexual mistreatment. Your voices are heard.