‘Amazing Grace’: Victory for Aretha Franklin

Soul Singer Aretha Franklin has released a statement regarding the Toronto Film Festival’s decision not to show the film, Amazing Grace.

The documentary, which shows live concert footage of the singer recording her 1972 landmark gospel album of the same name.

Franklin released the following statement:

“I believe they respected our pleading and dropped the film at the Toronto International Film Festival. It is the law of the land to protect one’s name and image.”

The documentary has been the target of a lawsuit filed by the internationally-acclaimed singer. Last week, Ms. Franklin won an emergency injunction that blocked the showing of the film at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado.

The Chicago Film Festival has also canceled its inclusion of the film in its lineup, due out in October.

“I never made any statement with respect to any judge or their decisions,” Franklin continued. “People respect the fact that the judge in Colorado upheld people’s rights to their image and likeness and it cannot be used for the enrichment of others without one’s approval.”