So The Alternative Ending To ‘Get Out’ Is Here & We Can’t Even

Jordan Peele’s Get Out had a pretty iconic ending, but it wasn’t always supposed to be that way.

Get Out will be released on DVD tomorrow, and the 2-disc set has an alternative ending that everyone will be talking about. Earlier this year, Peele dropped the legendary horror flick that highlights racism in America and all of the terrifying things that come with it. In the film, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) a Black photographer goes home for the weekend with his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) to meet her family. Though Chris is obviously uncomfortable at first, things get even more insane when he discovers that her family is trying to put him in a sunken place.

~spoiler alert

At the end of the film, Chris escapes, murdering Rose and her entire family. At the last second, he is rescued by his BFF Rod (Lil Rel Howrey) who comes to scoop him up in his TSA police vehicle. However, Peele’s original ending which will be available on the DVD had a way more sinister conclusion.

In the alternative ending which is way too realistic, Rod doesn’t get to Chris in time and instead two white cops arrive on the scene and arrest him with no questions asked. (It’s seriously bleak AF). When Rod arrives at the jail to visit his friend and try and help him mount a defense, Chris can’t seem to remember any details that would help to free him.

In a recent interview on Talking With Chris Hardwick, Peele said he changed the ending because it, “left people wanting something different.” We’re just glad we got the original ending that we did because we would’ve been UPSET!

Will you be watching the alternative ending on the Get Out DVD set?