Alicia Keys Releases Short Film, New Music

Alicia Keys has always combined activism with her art. From fighting HIV/Aids, to advocating to end homelessness and hunger, Keys’ mission to make the world a better place is always in motion.

Her latest effort comes in conjunction with World Refuge Day and uses her creativity to bring awareness to the current refugee crisis in a short film titled, Let Me In.

In this new campaign, Keys’ cultural movement, We Are Here, partnered with CARE, Oxfam and War Child to reinvigorate conversation around the refugee crisis, which currently affects millions around the world.

Directed by Jonathan Olinger, Let Me In reimagines the refugee crisis on America’s shores. The crisis caused the displacing of thousands in the Los Angeles metropolitan area who must seek safety and survival by crossing the border into Mexico.

Alicia Keys stars in the short. The film follows her and her two children as they struggle to reach safety amid conflict.

Alicia also features her new single, “Hallelujah” in the film, which she debuted on Saturday Night Live, last month.

The short concludes with the alarming statistic, “There are more refugees in the world today than at any point in history. And more than half of them are children.”

Watch Let Me In below.