Alicia Keys’ new freedom

Alicia Keys' new album, Girl on Fire, is set for a November release.

By// Kelley L. Carter

Alicia Keys has evolved.

The 31-year-old entertainer talked with Entertainment Weekly about her new album, Girl On Fire (it’s not out until November, but she recently revealed her album cover). One of the highlights of the interview? The married mother of baby boy Egypt says that having her son was a game changer. On her album cover, we see a black and white image of Keys, wearing all black, revealing her new chic haircut and giving us hands-on-her-hips fierceness.

In the interview, she says that this is her first grown-up album.

“As an artist that’s part of what gives me excitement — pushing myself forward to a new place. So for The Element of Freedom to have done that for me, to have been able to do that with my last record, I’m so proud of it. But as I look back on it, I’m like, “Interesting, Alicia, that you chose to call this an element of freedom because, in actuality, at that point, there was only an element of it.” Now, there is far more to it,” she says in the interview. “It’s kind of incredible; it’s great.”

As far as her son’s influence on her career shift, she says the change was immediate.

“There’s just nothing like it. And, all of a sudden, it’s like you’re a full-on ——- grown up. It’s obviously because you’re a mom and you’re caring for another life,” she told EW. “But it’s more than that: It’s like you have a sense of what feels right and what doesn’t feel right.”

The album is due in stores Nov. 27.//