Alfre Woodard is Not Idris Elba

Dear White People of the World,

All Black people do not look alike. Just this morning, I received the wrong ID at my doctor’s office…it belonged to the middle-aged African-American woman sitting on the other side of the waiting room. Later, I came across Armani-gate, wherein the person behind the luxury designer’s Instagram account captioned a picture of actress Alfre Woodard as Idris Elba!!! Yes, that really happened.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Armani has since removed the picture in question. But not before everyone saw it and screengrabbed it.

Courtesy of Instagram

Courtesy of Instagram

Seriously? I mean, we’re all guilty of social media snafus; however, when you’re in charge of an account for a highly visible brand, you’d best double and triple check for accuracy! Trust me on this one.

I’m sure it was a mistake. I like to think the best of everybody. But, let this be a lesson learned. Not only do all Black people not look alike, you also can’t just switch up the names (and genders) and not expect #BlackTwitter to come after you!