Album Review: Keyshia Cole’s ‘Woman to Woman’

Keyshia Cole talked to JET about her marriage to Daniel Gibson, her son DJ and her pursuit of happiness in the Oct. 8 issue. Her new album Woman to Woman shows off her growth as an artist and a person as well as a fresh openness about herself.

“People say my music was sad; I think of it as liberating,” she said in the interview. “I’m pretty much the kind of person who takes no bull crap and I carry that attitude through the music.”

Of course, we’ve seen the video for “Enough of No Love” featuring Lil Wayne. And songs like “Zero” featuring Meek Mill follow suit. Still, Cole delivers what we know and want from her: a real woman’s perspective. This crooner will always be known to speak the truth through her songs. When you’re ready to confess your love or break up with the lover treating you badly, get ready to listen every song on repeat.

While anyone with a heart could blast this album without skipping a beat, “I Choose You” is the obvious standout track of “Woman to Woman.” Cole’s ode to love is stripped down and a perfect reminder of the sincerity that defined R&B songs in the 1960s. The lyrics are simple enough to let the emotion spill out of the speakers and stand on their own.

Throughout one of her most vulnerable songs, Cole shows off her pitch perfect tone and vocal range. With hints of bluesy horns and sweeping drums, this track will strike you through the heart. And, as the final chorus ends, you will melt as Cole belts out, “And if it ain’t you, then it’s just not worth it.”