Actress Tasha Smith Went Beyond Divorce

Well, DAMN!

The bitter and messy split between actress Tasha Smith and her ex, Rory Douglas made headlines in 2014 with both filing lawsuits and accusations of a volatile relationship.

Now, TMZ reports that Smith has erased any signs that the two were married.

The judge ruled in Smith’s favor after agreeing that Mr. Douglas was not the person he initially presented himself to be. It was revealed that Douglas had five wives before Smith, hid the number of kids he fathered, left Smith in the dark about his criminal past in addition to failing to pay taxes for nearly a decade.


In celebration, Tasha posted the definition of “Annulment on her Instagram.

Thank God for the American Legal System! The Truth Will Set You Free.

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When “Mr. Right” turns out to be all types of “Mr. Wrong.”