Watch: Our VP of Digital in The Basement with Teefa


Kyra Kyles, Vice President, Head of Digital Editorial for JET and EBONY stopped by 106.3 FM Chicago’s Teefa in the The Basement to chop it up with the host about her recent JPC promotion.

While dishing on the new JPC editorial developments, the conversation took an interesting turn when the radio personality brought a topic near and dear to Ms. Kyles’ heart… hip-hop.

Now, if you stay looped with Kyra on social media then you know of her aficionado with hip-hop music and her poignant views when it comes to artist responsibility and comical attacks when it comes to lyrical foolery.

So, when Teefa hit her with the questions, she came with it. And of course, no conversation on the art form could end without discussing opinions of the GOAT – (Greatest of All Time).

Watch the video below to see who wears the crown on Kyra Kyles’ list and share your thoughts in the comments and social media @GetJetMag!