The Academy Awards Just Switched Things Up– Again

The Academy Awards has been scrambling for the past few years to try and keep up with the times.

From revamping how members vote in response to #OscarsSoWhite, to expanding the Best Film category, the Oscars are determined to keep things fresh. After the bizarre mix-up at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, where Best Picture winner Moonlight was robbed of its big moment, the Oscars has put some new rules into effect.

The biggest game changer is the “No OJ” rule. This year, Ezra Edelman’s stunning 7-hour documentary series, OJ: Made in America won the Oscar for Best Documentary. But, this type of win will no longer be possible in the future. According to the new rules, multi-part documentaries and “limited series” are no longer eligible for nominations. A standard film runs roughly 2 hours, so to hold voters hostage for over triple that amount of time is both exhausting and time-consuming.

Other rules have also been implemented including the fact that animated nominees will not just come from groups affiliated with animation. A new committee has been formed within the Academy to vote on the best animated features of the year. Also, the final five animated nominees will now use the preferential voting method. For Best Picture, two producers can now count as one if they are part of an established partnership.

Finally, the Academy is over the insane amount of campaigning that happens every year that exhausts the cast and the crew of films. (Mo’Nique famously refused to campaign for her Best Supporting Actress win for Precious back in 2009.) Now, “Prior to nominations, Academy members may not be invited to attend any lunch, dinner or other catered affair that promotes an eligible film for awards consideration that is not associated with a screening.”

We’re sure that this comes as a relief to many Hollywood stars and directors who really just want their work to speak for itself. The 90th Oscars will be held on Sunday, March 4, 2018, hopefully, it won’t be a hot mess this time.