ABFF EXCLUSIVE: Jessie T. Usher & Erica Ash On ‘Survivor’s Remorse’s’ Shocking New Season

Photo Credit: Getty/ J. Countess

Survivor’s Remorse stars Erica Ash, and Jessie T. Usher sat down with us at the American Black Film Festival to talk about the new season of their hit series.

During the third season finale of Starz’s hilarious comedy, Survivor’s Remorse, revelations rocked the Calloway household. While Cam (Usher) tried to come to terms with standing on his own two feet away from the watchful eye of his mother, M-Chuck (Ash) uncovered a shocking revelation about her parentage that shook her to her core.

In the upcoming fourth season of the series, Cam will learn that his extreme fame and success has more consequences than even he could have imagined. Meanwhile, family secrets threaten to tear everyone apart. At the 21st annual ABFF, JETmag talked with Usher and Ash about the explosive upcoming season and why the cast is truly like family.

JET: The third season finale of Survivor’s Remorse was outstanding. We found out a ton about M-Chuck’s past when it comes to her father. Also, Cam is figuring out who he is going to be without his mother always by his side. So what can we expect from season four?

Erica Ash: We’re going to take it from the finale, and we’re going to go straight forward. Season two and season three were not pickups to the previous seasons.

Jessie T. Usher: Well season three was. It picked up right after Uncle J’s death. [Laughing]

EA: Who doesn’t watch the show?! [Laughing] I’m kidding! But season four is definitely picking up where season four left off. So a lot of the questions that the fans have that we also had are going to be answered in the first three episodes.

JTU: Yes, right out the gate.

EA: And then the season really does keep going up from there. So, it’s going to be a really amazing roller coaster ride of a season.

JET: Was there anything that either of you learned about your characters that really shocked you and changed the way that you thought about you characters moving forward this season?

JTU: Yeah absolutely! For myself and also watching some of the other characters. We are a lot stronger then I thought we were. It seemed like in the first few seasons there were a couple of weak spots that were being discovered. When you get to the fourth season, you really get to see how the characters attack those things. I can’t really see what they are, but when you see how they approach certain subjects, it’s a beautiful thing.

JET: Wonderful.

EA: To piggyback off of that, I was actually going to say for me both on and off the camera, I realize how strong the characters are in supporting each other. As much as we are all going on our different journeys these last couple of seasons, I think that the support system and the family have really grown. I think we find that off camera as well.

JTU: Absolutely.

EA: I think our cast has become so much stronger. I think we started off very strong as well, but I didn’t realize that we would grow to this point and it feels even more like a family then it did the first couple of seasons. So, I think it’s going to read really well on camera, and I think it’s going to add to the story lines

JET: Well I’m really excited!

EA: You should be, it’s going to be good.

JET: Thanks so much.

Survivor’s Remorse premieres Sunday, August 20th at 10 PM ET on Starz.