A$AP Rocky Countersues Ex-Manager

It could all be so simple, but then again, when it comes to finance…nothing is ever crystal clear and smooth.

Money is usually the root of the issue when it comes to the entertainment business. As popularity soars, attention heightens, finance and projects progress and in the interim, sometimes business partners and managers grow apart.

It’s a constant rotation of creativity and strategy so that everyone can “eat” and be happy.

But too often, lawsuits are flying with claims of breached contracts and a load of cash being owed to one or both parties.

Such is the case with rapper A$AP Rocky and his former manager Geno Sims.

Rocky is countersuing Sims, whom he says he fired in 2014 and owes nothing. Sims filed a suit against the Harlem-bred rapper for $850,000 due to a breach of contract. According to the Jasmine Brand, Sims was to receive 15 percent compensation from Rocky’s gross income.

A$AP Rocky fired back stating that he has completed all obligations to his ex-manager and wants the court to not oder another dime be paid to Sims.

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Rocky and Sims aren’t the only former team looking to the courts to settle their financial disputes.


The Cash Money divorce saga continues between Lil’ Wayne and Birdman. Not only is Wayne claiming he was ripped off by the record label, recent statements also put label mates Nicki Minaj and Drake on the receiving end of missing funds.

Hot New Hip Hop reports that Wayne has letters from the camps of Drake, Nicki and Tyga stating that they were cheated out of large sums of money.


And then we have the lingering “Big Pimpin'” case that was scheduled to start trial this past Monday (Oct.13).

Jay Z, who will representing himself in the case, is asking for the proceedings to be delayed.

And it may be a smart move.

According The Hollywood Reporter, plaintiff Osama Ahmed Fahmy, will be unable to attend in person and instead requested his six-year-old deposition be used in his absence.

Jay is quite the business man. He and his team detect a shady ploy brewing and asked the courts to seal his revenue receipts from evidence. Get the full story, here.