New ‘Aaliyah’ Trailer features Iggy Azalea

The upcoming Aaliyah biopic already had a rough start just with casting and these latest teasers and trailers are not adding any sweetness to the bitter situation.

Lifetime released what they called to be a “trailer” of Aaliyah: The Princes of R&B, and excuse me for laughing out loud, but the reality is a 30-second snippet of cheesy lines – none of which are spoken by Alexandra Shipp who portrays Baby Girl. In fact, she says nothing at all but is seen doing choreography, emulating the originality of Aaliyah. Yep, that’s it. The so-called-trailer gives you nothing.

But wait a minute, the insult gets deeper. Since the producers of the biopic did not receive clearance to use Aaliyah’s music… not one Aaliyah song will be heard in the production. Such a shame. Super Whomp, what’s the point!?

Hold your breath because here comes the crash: femcee Iggy Azaela’s “Goddess” is used as the musical backdrop instead.

And you know people aren’t happy about this. Of all people, why in the world would Iggy get the privilege of having any participation in such a delicate project? I mean could they have at least used the music of someone that was in the singer’s camp? This is not a good look for the network or producers.

The layers of Aaliyah included the style, vibe, sweet persona and the MUSIC! It was a package.

Watch the trailer and then check out the reactions, below:

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One lost viewer…

And a fan, no matter what…

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