Aaliyah Hits Find Home with Apple Music – Illegally


Turns out the Ultimate Aaliyah was uploaded illegally by Craze Productions. Yikes!

“Our lawyers are handling it,” Rell Lafargue, COO of Reservoir Media and the current rightsholder of the Aaliyah music, told Complex magazine.



On the rebound of a Complex article that directed attention to the fact that music from the late Aaliyah was no where to be found in the digital world, a slew of her hit singles have snuggled into a new home on Apple Music.

In Ultimate Aaliyah, a 25-track compilation project, fans of the Detroit-bred artist can vibe to jams such as “One in a Million”, “Are You That Somebody”, and “Rock The Boat”. The collection of hit singles can be purchased on iTunes.

For years, the only music that was digitally available from the artist was her platinum-selling second album, One in a Million. The production of the sophomore effort was spearheaded by dynamic duo, Timbaland and Missy Elliott.

Ultimate Aaliyah came as a surprise and is credited to London-based digital aggregator Craze Productions.

Controversy followed the company in 2013, when they released Aaliyah music to iTunes. The production aggregator was sued and ordered to remove the music. It hasn’t been confirmed if they got cleared to upload material again.