Aaliyah Biopic Inspires the Most Hilarious Memes

Fail on so many levels.

I guess in the mentality of Wendy Williams, ratings trump integrity.

The queen of “spilling the tea” expressed on her talk show:

“I see my Aaliyah movie broke the internet this weekend. E’rybody got an opinion. Well I must tell you. Whether you loved or hate, you watched. It was the second highest rated movie on all of cable this year so far. Not just Lifetime. But all of cable! Thank you. And by the way, you Alexandra Shipp, did a terrific job as Aaliyah.”

We get it, ratings add to your bank account. But at what point in your ladder of financial and popularity success do you approach new opportunities with morale and integrity? In the tone of Ed Lover, ‘C’Mon Son!


How will Lifetime, Wendy Williams and the other producers of the Aaliyah: Princess of R&B biopic ever revive from this production tragedy?

Goodness, what about the actors who took part in this controversial project? Guess they’ll be heading back to Disney, Nickelodeon or whichever channel they came from. Their names will not break into mainstream after this.

Let thee be redeemed.

Good Lawd.

Whether folk tuned in to watch as dedicated Aaliyah fans or (like a few people I know) to hate-watch, the result was all-around conclusive…#Horrible and dishonoring to the gifts and talents Baby Girl shared with the world in her short time.

I, however, couldn’t indulge even to hate-watch because from day-one everything was wrong and as an avid Missy and Timbaland fan…it was all off.

And you know in this day of social media and instant social attack, no one was safe!

Here are a few of the memes that have been circulating the world wide web since the Saturday night premiere:

To kick it off, this is probably hella accurate



They even went straight Celie from The Color Purple on ’em

The attack on Lifetime’s casting choices:






Kellz had to try and defend himself…

Screen-Shot-2014-11-15-at-9.10.18-PM-550x598 (1)

The Sum Up:


Timbaland definitely wasn’t here for the biopic and made it known. They felt his wrath, heavy,

LOL! Ya’ll have no chill.

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