A History of Violence: Celebrities vs Paparazzi

Many say they want to be in the limelight, but when they’re actually under the intense glare, they soon discover that all they really want is a place to hide. That’s fine and all, but perhaps a line should be drawn when it comes to how some celebrities go about it. There are a few who are notorious not only for disliking the paparazzi, they have actually A) had a verbal confrontation or B) gotten physical. Enter Kanye West.

The hip-hop star and new father has a long history of dreading the peering eyes of photographers, even going so far as to ask any and all of them to never speak to him ever in life. But recently Mr. West reportedly did more than yell at a photographer at LAX. The Chicago native allegedly went after the paparazzo’s camera for asking too many questions, which has resulted in possible assault charges against West (who left the scene before paramedics arrived). Kanye’s airport scuffle got us to thinking about other celebrities who have a history of violence with the paparazzi.

Here’s’s most notable celebs who immediately get heated at the sound of a camera’s click.

Cameron-Diaz-paparazzi-900x360Back when Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were an item, they were known as one of Hollywood’s hottest couples with equally hot tempers. Back in 2004, Diaz actually snatched one photographer’s camera and attempted to run off with it. That plan didn’t work out too well because the other media folks swooped in and snapped pictures that captured her in the act.

Justin-Bieber-fight-900x360Last May, Justin Bieber was having problems getting his car out of a parking space due to the swarm of photographers surrounding him. It’s alleged that Bieber jumped out and kicked one of the camera people to clear his escape route. As a result, a member of the paparazzo is actually suing the pop star for assault and battery. Then of course there was the time this happened.

Halle-Berry-spazz-900x360Halle Berry has been a longtime non-friend of the paparazzi—especially when it comes to her children. While exiting the LAX airport earlier this year, the Oscar winner tried to hide her daughter Nahla’s face from the cameras. Frustrated, she shouted, “It’s a child you idiots!” After placing her in the awaiting vehicle, her fiancé Oliver Martinez lunged at one of the photographers. The images went viral.

Mike-Tyson-900x360Back in 2009, a photographer alleged that Mike Tyson pushed him to the ground. The former champ claims he was just trying to protect his family from their aggressiveness. Even though Tyson was arrested, charges were eventually dropped.