8 Worst Celebrity Breakups

S-Funches-900x360Last week Siohvaughn Funches caused a commotion when she literally took to the streets of Chicago to call out her ex husband Dwyane Wade. According to Funches, the NBA star has shorted her on alimony payments from the couple’s divorce settlement and has purposely blocked her ability to regularly spend time with their children.

The one-woman street protest played out in front of cameras and adds another public display of the couple’s messy breakup. This got to thinking about other star power couples that ended their love fest on bad terms. Check out who made our celebrity breakups list.



Kim-and-Kris-900x360Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian
The basketball player and socialite’s love affair played out in front of the cameras and culminated in a reality special wedding. But once the couple, who had a very brief courtship, got down to the business of being husband and wife they saw that they had very little in common. And only 72 days after saying I do, Kim and Kris said, “I can’t,” and divorce proceedings began.

Chad-and-Evelyn-900x360Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson & Evelyn Lozada
Even before Chad and Evelyn decided to tie the knot there were those who didn’t expect the pair to last forever. But no one expected that their nuptial would barely last 41 days. That’s how long it took for suspicions of Chad cheating to spiral into claims of domestic abuse, resulting in a 3-inch gash on Evelyn’s head from an alleged head butt. The phrase irreconcilable differences was never more fitting.

Kordell-and-Porsha-Stewart-900x360Kordell Stewart & Porsha Stewart
Celebrities do a lot of things on social media these days, but few expected that that’s how news of a divorce gets spread. Well, Porsha was given a rude awakening when she found out that her husband had given her the boot via Twitter. As their marriage unraveled further, fans caught wind that he even went so far as to change the locks on their home without telling her. Cold blooded.

50-Cent-and-Vivica-900x36050 Cent & Vivica A. Fox
The May-December couple’s split was very public and extremely messy. Although only dating for a brief while, they both threw verbal darts at each other in the press. 50 alleged that the actress was using him to promote her brand, and she labeled the rap mogul a womanizer. Either way, Vivica got the short end of the magic stick and was painted as the clingy ex while he got off mostly unscathed. The two did eventually reconcile and Vivica appeared in 50’s video for “Do You Think About Me.”

Mary-J-&-K-ci-900x360Mary J. Blige & K-Ci
Young love can be a fickle thing. Add drugs and alcohol to the mix and you’ve got the recipe for disaster. Such was the case for Mary and K-Ci, who dated early on in their careers. Fueled by substance abuse and jealousy, the couple’s rock relationship came to a head when K-Ci publicly denied his engagement to Mary on national television.

City-High-900x360Claudette Ortiz & City High’s Robbie Pardlo
There’s a reason people often say don’t mix business and pleasure. Chances are the emotional relationship will eventually mess up your financial situation. Take City High for instance. The 90s R&B trio’s frontwoman Claudette dated band member Robbie for a few years before the group blew up. The fame was too much for Rob to endure and he eventually got caught up in the fast life of heavy drinking. While he dealt with those demons, Claudette leaned on her other band mate Ryan Toby. The new relationship soon blossomed that eventually led to marriage and the end of the group. Unfortunately there was no happily ever after as Claudette and Ryan divorced three years later.

Deion-and-Pilar-900x360Deion Sanders & Pilar Sanders
Going through a messy divorce, it’s expected that there will be some dirt thrown on the other party’s name at some point. But when the kids get involved it’s a whole other story. While Deion and Pilar were already trading verbal attacks in the media, his daughter from a previous marriage saw fit to get in on the action calling her stepmother out her name all over social media.

Chris-Brown-Rihanna-900x360Chris Brown & Rihanna
Once pegged as the music industry’s young power couple, the fantasy bubble popped when news broke that Chris and Rihanna got into a physical altercation that left the Bajan beauty badly bruised and his reputation sullied. The episode played out for months and culminated with Chris getting probation for the domestic abuse. Once his probation ended the couple briefly reconciled before partying ways once more.