Must-See Documentaries of 2013

As summer 2013 comes to its unofficial end this weekend, talk of the biggest blockbusters of the season is commonplace. But sometimes the best films aren’t the ones with the biggest budget and Hollywood backing. Indie projects—and documentaries in particular—tend to go under the radar but often pack way more substance. shares a list of notable documentaries you may have never heard of but should are definitely worth viewing.

How often do we willing agree to a long list of “terms and conditions” when logging onto Facebook or Google without reading or fully understanding what we’re signing off on? Director Cullen Hoback explores the complexities of our digital world and how it impacts our civil liberties and ultimately our privacy with this frightening documentary.

While gay rights have been a long fought battle in the States, other countries are not as progressive on the subject. Call Me Kuchu delves into the budding gay rights movement in Uganda, where homosexuals are ostracized and brutally attacked—many times killed—for their lifestyle. Speaking openly about their experiences, the Ugandan gays documented in this film offer up an eye-opening account of one group of people’s fight for equality in the face of adversity.

In theatres just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October 11), this raw doc tells the story of nine women coping with the after effects of breast cancer. The survivors are open and honest and set the stage for empowering women from all walks of life to be comfortable in the skin they’re in.

BATB Extrait3 Wendy the Comedian HD Mix Stereo from Beauty and the Breast Movie on Vimeo.

For anyone who has ever wondered about the people behind his or her favorite singers this is the film for you. The documentary tells the untold stories of notable background singers whose powerful voices have been the soundtrack to many of our lives yet we rarely know their name.

When most families go to Sea World few think about the conditions the aquatic animals live in once the show is over. This in-depth documentary looks at the psychological effects captivity has on killer whales and the incidents of human fatalities at water parks while the industry looks to keep the news out of the headlines.

The music industry has never been the same since the launch of Napster, a groundbreaking audio sharing site that revolutionized the way music was dispersed and sparked a major lawsuit. This document explores how the kids that created the site impacted an entire generation.